DATE: 07/18/19 (Prospect Camp) Alex Gravel signed 4
Brandon Hagel signed 2
chad Krys signed 4
Phillipp Kurashev signed 4
Ian Mitchell signed 2
Niklas Nordgren signed 4
Jake Ryczek signed 2
Michel Tepley signed 2
Jake Wise signed 2

DATE: 09/28/19 (Training Camp) Drake Caggiula signed 1
Dennis Gilbert signed 5
David Kampf signed 5
Duncan Keith signed 1
Slater Koekoek signed 2
Connor Murphy signed 2
Brendan Perlini signed 1
John Quenneville signed 1
Brandon saad signed 2
Zack Smith signed 2
Dylan Strome signed 2

Click below to see what the Blackhawks signed on 07/18/19:
Alex Gravel
Alex Gravel
Brandon Hagel
Chad Krys
Chad Krys
Phillipp Kurashev
Phillipp Kurashev
Ian Mitchell
Niklas Nordgren
Niklas Nordgren
Jake Ryczek
Michel Tepley
Jake Wise

Click below to see what the Blackhawks signed on 09/28/19:
Dennis Gilbert
Dennis Gilbert
David Kampf
David Kampf
Dylan Strome

Missed=Did not see that player or was getting an autograph of another player
Injured= Player was hurt and did not make the trip
Refused=The player refused to sign for me

The Chicago Blackhawks are a miserable signing team. Three people waiting and all the big stars just drove right by and did not stop.