Date: 1/8/11
Jimmy Bonneau signed 2
Dustin Boyd signed 4
Mathieu carle signed 4
Randy Cunneyworth signed 2
Oliver Fortier signed 2
Kyle Klubertanz signed 2
Randy Ladoceur signed 3
Ben Maxwell signed 5
Aaron Palushaj signed 2
Ryan Russell signed 2
Ian Schultz signed 2
David Urquhart signed 3
J.T. Wyman signed 2

Date: 3/26/11
Alexander Avtsin signed 1
Mathieu Carle signed 1
Randy Cunneyworth signed 1
Nigel Dawes signed 1
Oliver Fortier signed 1
Drew MacIntyre signed 1
Aaron Palushaj signed 1
J.T. Wyman signed 1

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Jimmy Bonneau
Dustin Boyd
Dustin Boyd
Mathieu Carle
Mathieu Carle
Mathieu Carle
Oliver Fortier
Kyle Klubertanz
Randy Ladouceur
Randy Ladouceur
Aaron Palushaj
Ryan Russell
Ian Schultz
David Urquhart
David Urquhart
J.T. Wyman

Click below to see what the Bulldogs signed on 3/26/11:
Mathieu Carle