Date: 11/11/23
Steve Fogarty signed 4
Kale Kessy signed 2
Jujhar Khaira signed 1
Carson Lambos signed 2
Luke Lucchini signed 2
Kyle Masters signed 2
Greg Meireles signed 2
Mike O'Leary signed 2
Ryan O'Rourke signed 2
Daniel Spacek signed 4
Joel Teasdale signed 2
Samuel Walker signed 4

Click below to see what the Iowa Wild signed on 11/11/23:
Steve Fogarty
Steve Fogarty
Kale Kessy
Carson Lambos
Luke Lucchini
Kyle Masters
Greg Meireles
Mike O'Leary
Ryan O'Rourke
Daniel Spacek
Daniel Spacek
Joel Teasdale
Samuel Walker
Samuel Walker